“The nature of biological and informational viruses is the same.
Any thought is a virus.
Maintain social distance.
Stay away from morons.”
Yuri Larichev

“The virus is bad news wrapped in protein.”
(Virus discoverer D. Ivanovsky)

I totally agree that the virus is news, i.e. such information that is new to the recipient.

But with the fact that this is bad news, I fundamentally disagree.

The news may look different for different recipients only …

Therefore, categorizing the news as “good” or “bad” depends solely on the point of view of the recipient …

A biological virus is a technology, the use of which allows the Creator of the virus to introduce (embody, materialize) his ideas into the substances of specific Fleshes (Bodies), for changing the algorithm of functioning of which he was created. …


Mykola Krasnostup

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